Dust Collection

Dust accumulation and the failure to control it can be a profound hazard in many industries including food manufacture, wood processing, rubber processing, mining, and pharma to name a few. Failure to manage/mitigate the dust can have catastrophic results posing a risk to life and limb and product quality. Many corporations are lulled into a sense of complacency with regard to the issue and fail to act before an event.

Compelling dust explosion investigation from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board

E6Solutions for dust management, control and mitigation

There are few, if any, manufacturing processes that don’t produce dust. While some may consider these minute particles of little consequence, the failure to monitor, collect and control them can have grave consequences. Here’s the problem with dust – it could be causing health issues, creating a fire or explosion hazard or even degrading your product. Dust deserves your respect and settling for a modest clean up can lull you into complacency. We like to say that each day you fail to manage the issue you’re one day closer to being too late!

Deep Experience

At Element6 Solutions we have deep experience in helping clients manage the potentially catastrophic outcomes of dust production and accumulation. Over the years, our team has amassed impressive insight into the field of dust assessment and mitigation for:

• Food, grain, and sugar
• Polymer and Resin
• Plastic additive manufacturing
• Mining
• Wood
• Pharmaceuticals / nutraceuticals
• Plastic dusts
• Textile, paint, and pigments
• Carbon black and rubber

Applying our experience and utilizing technologies such as 3D laser scanning, we assist clients with the design and installation of extraction/collection systems in both new builds and retrofits for combustible and non-combustible dusts.

We handle all things dust related including:

• Combustible dust hazard assessments
• NFPA compliance assessments
• Existing dust collection system upgrades and retrofits
• New system design and installation
• Vessel Pred determination
• Hazardous area classification

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